Using Arts Education to Help Other Lessons Stick

Social-Emotional Learning at the Vancouver Waldorf School. Children working together to build a garden box.

The arts can be a source of joy in a child’s day and also come in handy for memorizing times tables.

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, we believe that the arts are a vital component of a well-rounded education. Not only do the arts provide a source of joy and creativity in a child’s day, but they also have practical applications in other areas of learning, such as memorizing times tables.

A recent article in The New York Times, “Using Arts Education to Help Other Lessons Stick,” highlights the ways in which the arts can be used as a teaching tool to enhance learning in other subjects. The article cites a study that found that students who participated in arts education programs showed improved memory and retention of information, as well as increased creativity and problem-solving skills.

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, we consistently integrate the arts throughout our curriculum as a means of deepening learning and mastering complex skills. For example, in our math curriculum, students use movement and rhythm to help memorize times tables. By pairing the learning of math with music and movement, students are engaged in a more holistic learning experience that allows them to connect with the material in a new and meaningful way.

Beyond the practical applications of the arts, we believe that an arts education helps students build resilience and determination. Through the creative process, students learn to take risks, accept failure, and persevere through challenges. These skills are not only valuable in the arts but in all aspects of life.

Additionally, the arts provide a source of joy and inspiration for our students. By incorporating music, painting, sculpture, and other forms of artistic expression into our curriculum, we create a learning environment that fosters creativity, imagination, and a love of learning.

At the Vancouver Waldorf School, we recognize the important role that the arts play in a child’s education. By incorporating the arts throughout our curriculum, we provide our students with a holistic and engaging learning experience that deepens their understanding and mastery of complex skills, fosters resilience and determination, and brings joy and creativity to their daily lives.

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