West Coast Native Plant Sale

Our 4th Annual West Coast Native Plant Sale fundraiser at the Vancouver Waldorf School has returned! Shop for a variety of beautiful and hardy native plants that are perfect for BC’s climate and provide crucial habitats for bees and butterflies, helping to support our local pollinator populations.

Place your order now and pick up your plants from the Lynn Valley campus on Saturday, April 27. By shopping our Native Plant Sale, you’ll be contributing to the Community Fund, which supports student programs at our school, like the gardening program.

Thank you for supporting our school, the bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, and the gardening program!

Native plants are so named because they grow naturally and thrive in BC. They can withstand pretty much any condition and have existed for generations, outlasting unsavoury soil conditions, sweltering heat, rough winds, and frosty winters. Once established in your garden, your native plants will survive even the toughest rainfalls and will be some of the most disease-resistant plants in your yard.

From an ecological perspective, these plants help turn our yards into beautiful, functional, and humane landscapes that give back to a diverse community of plant life. They work to sustain other wildlife, like our bee and butterfly populations. All you have to do is give your native plants an occasional watering and sufficient sunlight; then, they can take it from there.

By purchasing our native plants, you’ll be supporting student programs at the school. The proceeds from our online store go towards the Community Fund, which supports programs like our gardening program that help students connect with nature and learn about sustainability. Or if you would like to make a charitable donation, visit our donation page on Canada Helps.

To purchase plants, simply browse our online store below, choose the plants you want, and complete your order. All orders must be placed online ahead of time. Pickup will be the weekend of April 29-30 from our Lynn Valley campus.

Thank you for supporting our school and the gardening program!