Grindelia integrifolia


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Grindelia integrifolia, also known as Puget Sound Gumweed, is a native wildflower that is an excellent choice for those looking to attract pollinators and add colour to their landscape.

Grindelia integrifolia is a perennial plant with upright stems covered in soft hairs, producing yellow daisy-like flowers from early summer to fall. It grows well in full sun and well-drained, nutrient-poor soils. This drought-tolerant plant is a great option for those looking to reduce their water usage.

Not only is Grindelia integrifolia beautiful, but it’s also beneficial for wildlife. It attracts a variety of native bees, butterflies, flies, wasps, and other beneficial insects. The flowers provide nectar and pollen for pollinators, and the plant serves as a host for butterfly larvae.

This plant is commonly found along beaches, rocky shores, wet meadows, and salt marshes along the coast. It is an attractive perennial for use in wildflower meadows, butterfly gardens, and gardens close to the coast. Additionally, it can be used in prairie and wetland restoration projects, pollinator enhancement plantings, and hedgerows.

Grindelia integrifolia is easy to grow and a great addition to any landscape. Order yours today and enjoy the beauty and benefits of this native wildflower in your garden!

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Additional information

Plant Size

Height 80 cm

Pot Size

10 cm


Full sun

Soil Moisture


Soil Description

Clay soils, nutrient poor soils, Dry, well-drained soil

Perennial herb from a taproot and a stout branched stem-base; stems erect or ascending, several, usually branched, nearly glabrous or with long, soft hairs, 15-80 cm tall.

Basal leaves alternate, toothed or entire, lower ones oblanceolate, up to 40 cm long and 4 cm wide; stem leaves unstalked, sometimes clasping.

Inflorescence of solitary heads or a flat-topped cluster of heads; disk 1-3 cm wide; yellow rays 10-35 or more; involucral bracts slightly or moderately sticky, outer ones long slender, green-tipped, loose or spreading but not regularly reflexed.

Achenes compressed, scarcely nerved; pappus of 2-several deciduous, firm bristles.



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