Achillea millefolium


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Achillea millefolium, commonly known as Yarrow, is a beautiful and versatile plant that can thrive in a variety of conditions. This perennial herb features fernlike, dissected leaves that are distinctive and easy to identify. The plant produces numerous small, flat-topped clusters of white, pink, or reddish flowers that bloom from spring to fall, making it a great addition to any garden.

Not only is Yarrow ornamental and attractive, but it also has a rich history of medicinal use. Indigenous peoples have used it for centuries to treat various ailments, including fevers, hemorrhaging, and stomach disorders. The plant’s pleasant fragrance and interesting foliage make it a great choice for fresh or dried arrangements.

Yarrow thrives in open, dry or moist areas with good drainage and can grow in rocky bluffs, meadows, to shorelines. It can tolerate medium levels of calcium carbonate and drought and requires moderate water use and full sun or part shade.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, versatile plant with a rich history of medicinal use, Achillea millefolium, or Yarrow, is the perfect choice for your garden or landscape.

Photo credit: pixabay

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Additional information

Plant Size

Height 50 cm

Pot Size

1 gallon

Water Use



Full sun, Part sun/part shade

Soil Moisture


Perennial, aromatic herb, usually rhizomatous; stems erect, slender, 10-100 cm tall.

Fernlike, alternate, stalked below and unstalked above, pinnately dissected, the divisions again dissected.

Heads numerous, in a short, flat or round-topped cluster; involucral bracts dry, overlapping in several series, often dark-margined; ray flowers usually 3-8, 2-3.5 mm long, white to sometimes pink or reddish; disk flowers 15-40, cream coloured.

Achenes glabrous, flattened, 1-2 mm long; pappus lacking.



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