Pedagogical Manager

The Pedagogical Manager works in accordance with all school policies and processes and in line with the Vancouver Waldorf School (VWS) vision, mission, values and guiding principles. Working on behalf of the College of Teachers and in close collaboration with the Principal, the Pedagogical Manager oversees the quality of the school’s curriculum and programs and the experience for students, faculty, and parents.

The Pedagogical Manager is hired by, reports to, and is evaluated by the Vancouver Waldorf School Society Board HR Committee. The Pedagogical Manager has no direct reports.

Desired Qualifications and Attributes

  • Certified and experienced Waldorf teacher with a deep understanding of Waldorf Education.
  • Good understanding of BC Curriculum and ability to work within the processes of the Ministry of Education.
  • Demonstrated track record of a cooperative spirit in working collegially with faculty, a Board of Trustees, and administration, to bring together diverse perspectives and create collective understanding.
  • Ability to supervise, assess and mentor faculty.
  • Excellent organization, multi-tasking, time-management and communication skills.
  • Competency with computers.
  • Reliability; following through on initiatives and requests.

Duties and Responsibilities

All faculty and staff of the VWS are expected to provide servant leadership to the school and its mission. In addition to the duties specified below, the Pedagogical Manager will adapt to the needs of the school and assist, as needed, in other operational areas based on their skill set (e.g. tech support, crosswalk or recess duties, school trips etc.). The Pedagogical Manager will also ensure their tasks within the VWS Strategic Plan are progressed as planned.

The Pedagogical Manager will attend Full Faculty & Staff meetings, professional development days, relevant department meeting and other meetings and school events as necessary to the position, which may change from time to time. The role in these meetings may include as chair, minute-taker, participant etc.

School Governance and Strategic Planning

  • With the Principal, responsible for overseeing the school’s K-12 curriculum, assessment and program.
  • Provides support to the Early Childhood Manager in overseeing the school’s parent-and-tot and preschool programs.
  • Takes ownership of policies, protocols, handbooks and procedures relevant to the position.
  • As part of the Management Team, responsible for initiating, coordinating and monitoring the strategic plan.

School Management/Leadership

  • Responsible for taking an active role in the Management Team and the College of Teachers.
  • As a member of the Management Team, responsible for ensuring the cross-training of staff and documentation of essential procedures to safeguard the continuity of delivery of service.

Pedagogical Program and School Life

  • Responsible for providing student support in conjunction with the work of the class and subject teachers and in accordance with the Care Coordinating Group mandates.
  • Responsible for supporting class and subject teachers with class make-up challenges.
  • With the Principal, responsible for templates and guidelines for reporting on student progress and proofreading reports before distribution to parents.
  • With the Principal, responsible for programming and teacher scheduling.

Finances & Assets

  • Responsible for determining priorities within the assigned budget, in alignment with relevant policies.

School Operations

  • Accountable for ensuring that logistical assistance and support is provided for the College of Teachers.
  • With the College of Teachers, responsible for aligning the school’s festivals and pedagogy with the diversity, equity and inclusion work being undertaken by the VWS.
  • Provide support as necessary for managing requirements and logistics for auxiliary programs including After School Program, Summer Camp and Bus.

Staffing & Development

  • Support the Business Manager, as necessary, with ensuring sound employment practices and policies that align with the school’s values and the law.
  • Responsible for making recommendations to the Board on the faculty organizational structure required to support the VWS in fulfilling its mission.
  • As part of, and in conjunction with, the Personnel Committee, responsible for:
    • Setting, monitoring, and reviewing teaching and professional standards as well as evaluating and overseeing professional development, buddying, and peer mentoring for faculty.
    • Supporting, evaluating, and dealing with personnel issues related to faculty in a timely manner and in accordance with relevant policies.
    • Assessing needs, managing and making recommendations for faculty hires and terminations to the College of Teachers and Board HR Committee.
  • Responsible for deepening the understanding and commitment of the faculty members to Waldorf education and their own spiritual development through pedagogical, anthroposophical, child study and other study as a way of inspiring the teaching and each other. Providing support to the Board of Trustees for their development in this regard also.


  • Responsible for fielding inquiries/concerns from parents/guardians about their child or their child’s education and providing support, taking appropriate action, including communication in a timely manner and ensuring closure of the issue.