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Elderberry syrup and fire cider.

Elderberry syrup - available for purchase, made locally using organic and pure ingredients. This tasty syrup is a great immune booster for the whole family and works as a preventative, as well as a treatment for cold/flu. It also contains herbs, honey and apple cider. $20 for 12oz jar - keeps for 2+ months in the fridge.

Fire cider - available for purchase. This is a traditional herbal folk remedy of vinegar infused with herbs. It is a delicious way to boost the immune system's functions, stimulate digestion and warm you up on cold days. Adults can boost their immune system by taking this vinegar daily to ward off cold and flu. Children can also partake but be warned; this vinegar is spicy!!! $20 for a 12oz jar - keeps up to a year.

Please email terramentz@gmail.com or call/text 604-831-4976 if interested.

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