Mandalas – An Adult Colouring Book: Saints, Mystics & Spiritual Leaders
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Mandalas - Saints, Mystics & Spiritual Leaders is an invitation to celebrate the lives of many spiritual teachers from around the world and across time - a second publication by multi-talented VWS faculty member Christina Price.

This collection includes 41 different personalities, from Laozi of 500 BC to Hildegard von Bingen or Akka Mahadevi of the Middle Ages, to Josephine Bakhita or Mother Theresa of the 1800 and 1900s. The hand-drawn mandalas are 7"x 7" in size and are protected by a blank page to reduce smudging. Each mandala is framed by an intricate border of significant and symbolic imagery, representing each individual and the gifts that they bring. Also included at the back of the book is a brief biography of each personality as well as the time in which they lived.

This colouring book offers you an opportunity to:
Quieten the thoughts of a restless mind
Increase focus
Expand mindfulness
Create space for quiet contemplation and reflection
Find inspiration from these spiritual masters
Colour in a safe and contained way
Use your coloured mandala as visuals for classroom teaching opportunities
Turn your completed mandalas into greeting card gifts
Explore the medium that works best for you, be it crayon, coloured pencil, pens, or even chalk pastel

105 pages, with 41 images, book size 8.5" x 11"

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