Lifeways Caregiver

The Vancouver Waldorf School (VWS), located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, is seeking a Caregiver for Lifeways Centre.

The Caregiver plays an important role in a child’s development by caring for and nurturing that child in its parents’ absence. In addition to attending to children’s basic needs, Caregivers organize activities that appropriately address physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth according to the children’s development and teach through play, activity and imitation. For example, a Caregiver who models for a child basic activities like cleaning, sweeping, and cooking, teaches the child while also providing for that child’s basic care needs. Caregivers give children a sense of security by ensuring their daily rhythm follows a regular routine for bed, meal, rest and play times. They work individually with one child or with groups of children to create a safe, comfortable, and creative environment in which children can mature and thrive.


As defined for an Early Childhood Educator by the regulations for licensing under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Provide general care and a safe, nurturing environment for young children and infants
  • Understand and support the LifeWays Principles of care for the young child
  • Greet young children and their parents as they arrive and help children transition into the program
  • Watch children with special medical needs and call for medical assistance when needed
  • Change diapers of infants and toddlers, following proper health guidelines
  • Provide simple activities, painting, drawing, games, handwork, and songs
  • Be attentive to the flow of the day, assessing if all children have transitioned smoothly from one activity to another
  • Ensure each day’s activities are balanced for individual and group play, quiet and active time and free and directed activity
  • Make sure that supplies are ready for daily activities and that toys and other playthings are cared for
  • Encourage children to care for and pick up toys, books and clothing
  • Wash and sanitize toys and play equipment
  • Together with the program manager and other caregivers, create daily/weekly/seasonal schedules of activities to ensure a well-balanced program
  • Take turns preparing and/or serving nutritious meals and snacks, planning menus and purchasing
  • Clean up after meals and snacks
  • Ensure that children have proper rest, supervise rest periods and change sheets on cribs or cots when needed
  • Anticipate and prevent problems, deal with disruptive behaviour by supporting the children’s difficulty and finding ways to resolution

Personal Qualities

  • Work with the Director, other caregivers, parents and children in a harmonious, professional manner
  • Be enthusiastic and constantly alert
  • Be mature, patient, understanding and articulate
  • Model positive behaviour (i.e., sharing, giving, patience and understanding of others)
  • Have energy and physical stamina
  • Do daily inner work to keep a clear mind and in good health


  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned
  • Accountable and reports to the Manager
  • Evaluation performed by the Manager annually with input from parents and fellow caregivers.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and references to
Location of work: North Vancouver, BC
Contact Information: 604-985-7435;

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