Student Exchange

The Vancouver Waldorf High School offers an international exchange program in grades 10 and 11 to countries across all continents. Exposure to a different culture is invaluable for adolescents and provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen a student’s foreign language skills. Our students have completed exchanges with Waldorf schools in Germany, France, Austria, Japan, and Brazil, to name a few locations. Participants from each country experience school and family environments that reflect Waldorf values and educational goals. An exchange allows a student the opportunity to cultivate new levels of cultural understanding and the courage to work through challenges in a safe context. Students return with a broader view of the world, and a deeper appreciation of home and family and our graduates reflect on this enriching program with gratitude and pride.

To plan an international exchange, speak with your Class Advisor at the high school, then visit the Wal-di website to begin the quest to find a suitable exchange partner.

“It’s hard to describe the bond two people develop when they spend almost every single day with each other. We went from strangers to friends to sisters in the span of six months. I know the friends that I have made here (VWS) are friends for life.”

Jade G, Stellenbosch Waldorf School, South Africa

“I was really excited to see a new part of the world. For me, Vancouver is the right place for an exchange because the city is amazing and I can go swimming and snowboarding. I think if you have the chance to go for an exchange, do it. It is the best experience of your life. If you are in the right place, you can make friendships forever!!”

Lena E, Innsbruck, Austria

Homestay Program

Our homestay program makes it possible for students from anywhere in the world to attend our high school. Vancouver is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, one of the best places to live, and is a well-known multicultural centre with art galleries, museums and theatres. The temperate climate provides year-round activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, sailing and kayaking, a true paradise for outdoor lovers.

The Vancouver Waldorf School has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence in Waldorf education. We offer Waldorf students from abroad the chance to study with us for a term or two (3-6 months), or a whole year while boarding with a host family. The international homestay program enriches our entire school community.

Visit the Admissions Process page to apply as an international student or to become a host family, contact the school at