Health & Safety

For the 2021/2022 school year, students and staff are in the classroom full time with updated health and safety measures. VWS will continue with layered mitigation strategies and will review and regularly revise the protocols as the situation warrants throughout the year. We are grateful for our community’s participation in and adherence to these health and safety protocols, which will support our goal to keep the school open and in-person all year.

Everyone at school should practice health awareness, including staying home when sick and cleaning hands upon entering school buildings and throughout the day.

The Vancouver Waldorf School is committed to delivering a high-quality educational program while ensuring that our operations support the health and welfare of all children enrolled at our school. As an institution, we readily comply with provincial and federal regulations related to education, child welfare, and public health. We are committed to preserving a respectful and productive relationship with our local health authority, Vancouver Coastal Health. We will continue to work collaboratively with the health authority on an ongoing basis in all matters that pertain to the health and welfare of our students, their families, and the wider community. Equally, we are committed to cultivating a respectful relationship with our community of parents/guardians and recognize that decisions about vaccinations rest with parents/guardians who make those decisions in consultation with their family doctor. To support the health and welfare of all constituents of the Vancouver Waldorf School and the wider community, we gladly serve as a conduit of information between the health authority and our school community.

Prepared by the Management Team October 7, 2019