A Culture of Giving

We strive to support the evolution of community-minded and socially-responsible graduates and your generosity helps our school fulfill this goal. Thank you for setting an excellent example of commitment, respect, and kindness by financially supporting our mission. Whether you contribute a financial gift, your time, a donation in-kind, or you participate in our ongoing Grocery Card initiative, every contribution is deeply appreciated.

Thoughtful one-off and monthly donations from families, friends, faculty, and alum keep our community flourishing. Your charitable gift is an investment in our faculty, our programs, our facilities, and our community.

We are a registered charitable society (BN 108167917RR0001) and all donations are tax-deductible. By participating in giving, you are investing in the future of our school and in the children we are entrusted to educate.

To find out more about how you can participate in any of our fundraisers, please contact Mary Henley, Community and Resource Development Manager at 604-985-7435 (x226) or develpment@vws.ca or in the Development Office at the Lynn Valley campus.

Grocery Card Program

Works like a regular gift card; whatever amount you pay for in cards, you can spend at the store.

Check out the Grocery Card Program FAQ to learn more.

Community Fund

Our approach to philanthropy aligns with our approach to education. It is rooted in the belief that we as individuals are creative, resourceful, and compassionate beings and that together we form a community that is dynamic, abundant, vibrant, and capable of tremendous things. Our Community Fund was established in 2019 to focus on co-creating a culture of impact. The Community Fund collects all monies raised through our fundraising program, which is approximately $40,000 annually.

The intention behind the Community Fund is to cultivate a deeply-felt belief in our ability to fund whatever we need in order to provide our students with the best possible educational experience. In creating the Community Fund as a central repository, we wanted to equally relieve the burden on individual classes to fundraise for class-specific activities and develop shared goals with whole-school benefits. While we work to build awareness about our philanthropy plan and fundraising program, we are thrilled to receive near-daily reminders that teachers, students, and parents hold the economic well-being of the school in their consciousness and are active participants in volunteerism and fundraising.


  • Grocery Card Program

  • Monthly Donor Program

  • Giving Tuesday Annual Campaign

  • PAC Initiatives & Affiliations

  • Student & Class-led Fundraisers

  • Fairs & Festivals

Parent Committee

Our volunteers help the school flourish and continue to grow into something we can all be proud to be part of.

Contact the VWS Parent Committee (PAC) at vwspac@gmail.com to get involved with:

Your Gifts in Action

“The more you think of taking part, of interesting yourselves in what happens in the Waldorf School, the better the Faculty will succeed in working in unity with you for the betterment and blessing of your children, and thus for the whole of future humanity.”

~ Rudolf Steiner, The Spirit of the Waldorf School, 1919