Update from Board of Trustees: Fundraising and Endowment

Over this school year, the Board of Trustees mandated both a Fundraising Committee and an Endowment Committee. We are pleased to share this update from both committees, which aim to serve several priorities in our current strategic plan:

  1. An endowment was created for the VWS in 2023 to build financial resilience for the school and serve our long-held vision of delivering a Waldorf education from a unified campus. The endowment currently holds about $1.8 million, and we aim to increase the fund to $5 million in five years. The endowment is managed by the Endowment Committee.
  2. With the Board’s support, the Fundraising Committee employed a recruitment firm to help us hire a dedicated Fundraiser, a full-time professional who will focus on the endowment and campus unification projects. The reason we worked with a recruiter to help us with the hire was that we have no expertise or experience in the area of professional fundraising. Existing fundraising activities like the grocery card program, events, and monthly donors will continue to benefit the Community Fund, which the school administration and the Parent Committee jointly manage. The Fundraiser will report to Mary Henley, Community and Resource Development Manager, and will be supported in their work by the Fundraising Committee. We anticipate that the Fundraiser will be onboarded during the summer break and look forward to introducing them to the community early in the 2024-25 school year.

Please stay tuned for further updates about our approach to fundraising and progress toward the achievement of our endowment fund goals. If you have questions, concerns, or fundraising ideas, please contact Mary Henley (mhenley@vws.ca). We look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the Vancouver Waldorf School Society Board of Trustees,

Fundraising Committee:

  • Sjoerd De Jongh (Board Trustee)
  • Mary Henley (Community and Resource Development Manager)
  • Joana Ribeiro Mortari (Parent Committee Chair)
  • Geoff Woodfield, Chair (Board Treasurer)

Endowment Committee:

  • Sjoerd De Jongh (Board Trustee)
  • Huy Pham (Finance Manager)
  • David Read (Alum Parent, BCIT Endowment Fund Controller)
  • Geoff Woodfield, Chair (Board Treasurer)