Teachers assess student progress throughout the year.

  • Grading: Teachers utilize grading as a part of the assessment process. This allows for an evaluation of student performance and progress in specific subject areas. Grading criteria are communicated to students in the upper grades.
  • Report Writing: Written evaluations are provided to parents/guardians, detailing individual student progress. These reports offer a comprehensive overview of academic achievements, strengths, areas for improvement, and overall development.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Regular parent-teacher conferences foster open communication between educators and families. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss student progress, address concerns, and collaborate on strategies to support the student’s growth.
  • Parent Evenings: Parent evenings serve as informative sessions where teachers report on the overall progress of the class and provide insights into social dynamics within the school community.
  • Year-End Reports: At the end of the year, a comprehensive year-end report is issued, encompassing each student’s progress across all subject areas.

Our grading system is aligned with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and Child Care.