Students: The principles of Waldorf education prioritize the development of imagination and support creative play, especially in the younger grades. We believe in fostering a balanced learning environment that promotes hands-on engagement and interpersonal connections. As a result, we have specific guidelines for technology use among our students. Screens are not used in the early childhood center or grade school. In the high school, technology is utilized as necessary for coursework during the school day, but the use of smartphones in class or during breaks is not permitted.

Visitors: We kindly request that parents and other adults visiting the school set an example by keeping their mobile phones turned off and put away. By modelling personal connections, we create a welcoming environment that encourages meaningful interactions and active engagement with the school community.

Home: We recognize that many families choose Waldorf education because they value a low-tech environment for their children. We encourage families to limit technology exposure for young children and significantly restrict it as students progress through the grades. We understand that this transition may pose challenges, but we are here to support our families in finding solutions that align with their values and goals. Our dedicated staff is available to provide guidance and assistance in creating a balanced home environment that complements the educational experience at VWS.