1. This program is only available to students currently registered at Vancouver Waldorf School.
  2. Rates are pro-rated for the VWS school calendar and are not more than monthly fees charged by comparable local programs.
  3. Registration is for the entire school year (September to June). There are no refunds for early pickup or days missed due to illness or vacation. There are no discounts offered for multiple children from the same family.
  4. One month written notice is required to withdraw from the program. For example, if you wish to cancel your registration for November 1, 2023 you must inform us in writing before or on October 1, 2023.
  5. Unless written notice is provided, your registration will be considered active over the summer months (i.e. if you were registered in June 2023 you are automatically registered for September 2023). There are no monthly fees for July or August when the program is on break.
  6. Monthly payments will be deducted by pre-authorized debit on the 15th day of every month.
  7. No fee subsidy is offered for the After School Program. However, families may apply for the Child Care Subsidy offered through the provincial government, if they meet the requirements.
  8. If you receive childcare subsidy you are responsible for paying the difference between the VWS Child Care rate and any subsidy you receive. If you are not eligible for subsidy, you are required to pay the full child care fees. It is a family’s responsibility to ensure that their subsidy is current and all required paperwork is submitted to VWS. For more information, visit
  9. Program fees are reviewed annually, three months’ notice will be given for fee increases.
  10. The registration fee will be waived for students enrolled before June 30.
  11. The program will run contingent on sufficient enrolment.