We highly value the involvement of parents in our school community. There are various opportunities for parents to contribute their unique skills and energy. We encourage parents to find their place at VWS by:

  • Supporting Classroom Activities: Parents can actively participate in classroom activities, providing assistance and support to teachers and students.
  • Festivals and Events: Parents can contribute to the organization and celebration of festivals and events held at VWS, fostering a sense of community and cultural enrichment.
  • Fundraising: Parents can contribute their time and efforts to fundraising initiatives, helping to support the school’s programs and activities.
  • Class Trips: Parents can volunteer as chaperones for class trips, enhancing the educational experience for students and fostering a strong connection between parents, teachers, and students.
  • Parent Education Evenings: Parents can attend and actively participate in parent education evenings, where they can learn and engage in discussions on various topics related to their child’s education and development.
  • Serving on the Board, Committees, or Other Parent Groups: Parents have the opportunity to serve on the board of trustees, parent committee, or as a class representative, actively participating in decision-making processes and contributing to the overall governance of the school.
  • Becoming a Society Member: Parents can become members of the school’s society, actively supporting and contributing to the long-term vision and mission of VWS.