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The Grade 12 Projects serve as an important capstone of our students’ Waldorf education, helping them prepare for adulthood. They are designed to encourage students to pursue new areas of interest and stretch their capacities in service to the larger world. Rudolf Steiner said that at 18 years old, a young person has the capacity and is ready to be concerned with the questions of the world, ‘who am I as a human being?’ and, crucially, ‘what can I create that uniquely expresses this profound understanding of myself?’ These questions form the bedrock of our student’s independent study.

These projects represent a deeply personal and purposeful inquiry, allowing students to explore their passions, develop their interests, and define their sense of purpose. They represent many hours of work, typically extended over many months and are a comprehensive exploration that includes a research paper between 2,500-4,000 words, artistic creation, and practical component. The projects culminate in a formal TED Talk-style presentation of learning to the community.

From the exploration of challenges faced by first responders and identity issues for immigrants to the examination of the influences of urban planning and the environmental impact of sustainable clothing—this year’s program uniquely reflects the student’s unique interests and strengths.

Join us in celebrating our graduating class and the culmination of their Waldorf education.