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The Grade 12 Projects are the culmination of a year-long independent study. Students have worked closely with a faculty advisor on a topic of their choice, integrating what they have learned across different subject areas.

Join us in celebrating our students’ creativity, skills, and knowledge gained during their time at the Vancouver Waldorf School. It will be an opportunity to witness the fruits of their hard work and reflect on their educational journey.

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Anika VondruskaThe Benefits of Repairing
“Everything breaks; the only things that last are things you’re willing to fix.” ~ Bradford Winters
Siarra ConnonThe Effect of Attachment Styles on the Development of the Individual
“Attachment is a unifying principle that reaches from the biological depths of our being to its furthest spiritual reaches.” ~ Jeremy Holmes, John Bowlby and Attachment Theory
Shawn PeffekovenCreating an Online Apparel Brand from Scratch (The Cove)
“From Surfing the Waves to Surfing the Internet.” ~ Sylvain Munier
Arlo PedersenThe Power of Storytelling through Film and Television
“I like it when a film surprises me and makes me get into its story.” ~ James Cameron