Waldorf Schools are Media Literacy Role Models

Social-Emotional Learning at the Vancouver Waldorf School. Children working together to build a garden box.

Waldorf education emphasizes thoughtful, intentional and developmentally appropriate technology use. We advocate for a low-tech approach in early childhood and the elementary grades, followed by a middle and high school curriculum that helps students understand tech as a tool and engages them in conversations around digital ethics, privacy, media literacy, and balanced use of social media and technology. Our approach gives Waldorf graduates the tools and knowledge they need to be independent, creative and ethical digital citizens.

Our approach to media literacy education goes beyond teaching students how to use technology. We focus on helping them understand the broader implications of media in society and its impact on individuals and communities. Through discussions, debates, and critical analysis, we encourage students to question the authenticity of information, evaluate the credibility of sources, and discern between facts and opinions. We also emphasize the importance of respecting diverse perspectives, promoting empathy and inclusivity, and using media as a tool for positive social change.

In addition to media literacy, we emphasize the balanced use of social media and technology. We encourage students to find a balance between screen time and real-life experiences, engage in face-to-face interactions, and foster meaningful relationships. We teach them to be mindful of their online presence, consider the consequences of their actions, and cultivate healthy digital habits.

Waldorf schools serve as role models in media literacy education, providing a thoughtful and intentional approach that prepares students to thrive in the digital world while upholding their values and contributing positively to society. Our approach focuses on building a foundation in the physical world, promoting ethical use of technology, engaging in conversations around digital ethics, privacy, media literacy, and balanced use of social media and technology. We strive to empower students to be critical thinkers, discerning consumers of media, and responsible digital citizens who can navigate the digital landscape with integrity.

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