Our Community

A Waldorf school differs from other educational institutions in significant ways. Parent involvement and understanding of our objectives are integral to fulfilling our school’s mission and contributing to vital and meaningful community life.

The Vancouver Waldorf School Community is unique and diverse and comprises families who bring a range of backgrounds, talents, inspiration, and goodwill to our campus. Our population reflects a broad spectrum of cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio/economic diversity. Our vibrant school is a magnet for creative, community-minded people, and we are fortunate that our alum, alum families and friends play a vital role in the ongoing life of the school.

One of the key goals of Waldorf education is to help develop creative, thoughtful, socially conscious and engaged citizens. In this regard, our community is active, dynamic and thriving. While many of our families commute from across the Lower Mainland, there are frequent opportunities to come together through parent evenings, festivals, fairs, field trips, and parent learning evenings and workshops.

There are many ways for parents to become involved. Our Class Representatives meet each term to support the various functions in the school, parents serve on the Board of Trustees and the Parent Committee (PAC), and volunteer opportunities abound. We also ask that parents make necessary adjustments to certain lifestyle choices regarding our media policy and dress code to honour the school’s values and ensure that each child has a successful experience at our school.

Please refer to the information contained in our Parent Handbook as situations arise, and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in further understanding Waldorf education at the Vancouver Waldorf School.

“It is aliveness that must be the guiding principle.
Joy and happiness in living, a love of all existence, a power and energy for work, and imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility…
These are the forces which are the very nerve of education.”

~ Rudolf Steiner, Study of Man