Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving Campaign

Anchored by the Children’s Winter Fair and buoyed by Giving Tuesday. It’s thoughtful donations from families, friends, faculty, & alum that keep our community flourishing. Thank you so much for your generous giving.

Our Annual Giving Campaign runs from the beginning of November through to December 31st. Our commitment during the course of the annual campaign is to invite participation, demonstrate impact, and celebrate philanthropy in all its forms.

While our philanthropy plan includes ongoing fundraisers, like the Grocery Card and the Monthly Donor programs, our annual campaign is the time of year when our attention is focused on raising awareness about our philanthropy plan, our approach to fundraising, and highlighting the impact of volunteerism and financial gifts. Fundraising at the VWS is supported by our Fundraising Policy, which aims to cultivate a sense of abundance and shared responsibility amongst our community.

We are delighted that our annual campaign is anchored by our beloved Winter Fair and is buoyed by Giving Tuesday. Our Winter Fair is a time-honoured tradition that has been presented to the community as a gift to the children from the parent body. For over fifty years, parents have come together to create our signature event that is widely attended by members of our school community and beyond. Our participation in Giving Tuesday is a recent addition to our annual campaign, and our decision to get behind this global celebration of philanthropy reflects our values beautifully. Giving Tuesday is not just a moment; it is a movement. We are proud to stand behind a movement that celebrates the critical role of volunteerism and donations within the non-profit sector.

Students, faculty, alum, neighbours, and friends contribute to our annual campaign. We welcome corporate sponsorship, matching donors, and philanthropic partnerships with our vendors. Whether it’s sharing the campaign on our behalf, a class hosting a cookie sale, or a $5000 gift made by an individual donor, every single act of generosity carries the same significance, and every gift makes a difference.

Participating in our annual giving campaign reflects trust, and we regard that trust as an expression of love. Thank you.

Mary Henley
Community & Resource Development Manager