Alum Corner with Tamara Daroshin

Tamara Daroshin took time after graduating to work and travel, including a year in Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympics. She now works as a stunt performer in the film and television industry, enjoying the diversity and unique challenges of her job. Tamara values her Waldorf education for its impact on her interpersonal, creative, and comprehension skills. Her fondest memories include school plays, camping trips, and the sense of community at the Vancouver Waldorf School.

VWS: Tell me about your work and education after graduating from the VWS. (post-secondary schooling, travel, work experience, family, etc.)

TD: After graduating, I decided to take time to work and travel. I worked in the film industry during and after High School. When an opportunity arose to travel to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, I hopped on a plane for a three-week solo adventure, which turned into a one-year work experience. I landed a job with the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and had one of the most defining and memorable years of my life. Since then, I have travelled to more than 15 countries. Taking that time for adventure and self-growth helped shape me for future endeavours.

VWS: What kind of work/study are you involved in now? What are your current plans?

TD: I am currently working as a stunt performer in the film and television industry. My job is very demanding on my body, so I am constantly training, working on new skills and learning recovery methods for a long and healthy career. I also continue to travel every chance I get in the hopes of reaching my 100 country goal! I have worked on over 25 productions, including CW network television shows, Netflix movies and some motion capture for video games.

VWS: What do you enjoy most about your work?

TD: My job is unique, and no day is the same. One day I could be fighting a 300lb man in a medieval wardrobe, and another day I may be in a pink wig dressed as a witch getting hurled across a room. I love that it pushes me to learn new skills, and since I am self-employed, it always keeps me motivated.

VWS: What advice would you give to upcoming graduates? Do you have any advice or encouragement for GS students considering HS options?

TD: It’s an amazing feeling to say, “I love what I do.” My advice would be to take your time. If you want to take a gap year because you are unsure, then take that gap year. There is no shame in taking time for yourself; after all, you did just spend the last 12+ years in school.

VWS: How did Waldorf education affect your life and your choice of career?

TD: I loved school, but it wasn’t until after graduating that I realized how much VWS affected me. Meeting other people and sharing school experiences made me understand why my parents were/are so devoted to Waldorf education. I genuinely believe my interpersonal, creative and comprehension skills (and many more) go hand in hand with my Waldorf education. Learning through experiences and creativity has shaped me, and I will always link who I have become back to where I began.

VWS: What are your fondest memories of your time at the VWS?

TD: I have countless fond memories; the Grade School plays, the High School camping trips, Grade 12 Projects (which I wasn’t fond of until I finished), my class, the big Thanksgiving lunches, the sports teams… trust me, the list could go on!

Interview date: June 2020 Ronaye Ireland, for Development

Tamara Daroshin
Tamara DaroshinClass of 2013

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