Alum Corner with Liam Foran

Liam Foran is a successful and versatile professional with a background in education, finance, and coaching. After graduating from the Vancouver Waldorf School, he pursued Kinesiology and Teaching degrees, excelling academically. Currently working as a Mortgage Specialist, Liam values lifelong connections, cherishes Waldorf’s sense of community, and applies individual recognition principles in his work and coaching pursuits. Liam’s advice to graduates is to remain open to new opportunities and embrace change as they navigate life.

After graduation, I went to Douglas College for the Kinesiology Program and worked summers in construction. I was then offered a full scholarship to Dickenson State University, where I graduated with degrees in Teaching (Physical Education K-12) and Exercise Science, making the Dean’s list multiple times and the President’s list once.

After travelling and gaining work experience, including teaching in the PE department at VWS, I saw greater career possibilities regarding time management and income possibilities in mortgage brokering. This led me to pursue my license from UBC Sauder School of Business. These academic and professional experiences allowed me to explore various paths and discover new opportunities for my career. As a result, I am currently a Mortgage Specialist with RBC Royal Bank.

Some of my fondest memories revolve around the lifelong connections I made with my classmates. I have a lot of memories of our class trips. I still remember a lot of tongue twisters, songs, and poems that are always good for a laugh when brought up with old classmates! I had a few teachers that I connected with and appreciate, especially now looking back on my K-12 years at VWS. There were special written reports from Mr. Hassel, my Class Teacher and challenging lessons from Mr. Hesketh, the High School Science teacher. The impact of these and other excellent educators and coaches have inspired me to give back to others, leading me to dedicate significant time to coaching with the North Shore Twins Baseball Program.

Waldorf education paved the path for me to become an educator. If there is one thing that stood out beyond all others is that Waldorf education recognizes the individual, and I keep that in mind in all aspects of life. Although I do not currently teach, I apply this principle not only in coaching but also in my role as a Mortgage Specialist.

I advise current graduates to remain open to new ideas and opportunities. You will likely change career paths multiple times, so do your best to keep all doors open.

Compiled by Ronaye Ireland for Development, February 2020


  • 2006-2008 Douglas College Studying in the Kinesiology Program
  • 2008-2011 Dickinson State University in North Dakota, where I double-majored with degrees in Teaching (Physical Education K-12) and Exercise Science.
  • 2014 Mortgage Brokering License from UBC Sauder School of Business
  • 2018 RBC Mortgage Specialist
Liam Foran
Liam ForanGrad Class of 2006

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