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Interview with Liam Foran

VWS: Tell me about your work and education after graduating from the VWS. (post-secondary schooling, travel, work experience, family, etc.)

LF: After graduation, I went to Douglas College for the Kinesiology Program and worked summers at a labour job for a construction company. I was then offered a full scholarship to Dickenson State University, where I graduated, making the Dean’s list multiple times and the President’s list once. After graduating, I came back to North Vancouver and saved up to go travelling. After travelling for four months, I came home and began working at a pub and did some substitute teaching at the Vancouver Waldorf School in the PE department. After eventually taking on the management position at the pub, I got my mortgage brokering license as I could see greater career possibilities regarding time management and income possibilities. I worked both jobs for two years before leaving both to work for RBC.


  • 2006-2008 Douglas College Studying in the Kinesiology Program
  • 2008-2011 Dickinson State University in North Dakota, where I double-majored with degrees in Teaching (Physical Education K-12) and Exercise Science.
  • 2014 Mortgage Brokering License from UBC Sauder School of Business
  • 2018 RBC Mortgage Specialist

VWS: What kind of work/study are you involved in now?

LF: I am currently a Mortgage Specialist with RBC Royal Bank.

VWS: What are your fondest memories of your time at the VWS?

LF: Some of my fondest memories are the lifelong connections and memories I have with my classmates. I have a lot of memories of our class trips. I still remember a lot of tongue twisters, songs, and poems that are always good for a laugh when brought up with old classmates! I had a few teachers that I connected with and appreciate, especially now looking back on my K-12 years at VWS. There were special written reports from Mr. Hassel, my Class Teacher in Grade School and the challenging lessons from Mr. Hesketh, the High School Science teacher. I have had some excellent teachers and coaches throughout my life and recognize the importance of giving back. So although I am not teaching in a classroom setting, I spend a significant amount of time coaching with the North Shore Twins Baseball Program.

VWS: How did Waldorf education affect your life and your choice of career?

LF: I think Waldorf education paved a path for me to become an educator. If there is one thing that stood out beyond all others is that Waldorf education recognizes the individual. That is something I keep in mind when I educate others but in all aspects of life. Although I do not teach for a career, I am still heavily involved with coaching. As I am now in a job tied to finances, I believe it would be valuable to include financial literacy as part of the curriculum*.

VWS: What advice would you give to this year’s graduates?

LF: Be open to new ideas: you will likely change career paths multiple times, so do your best to keep all doors open.

Interview date: February 2020 Ronaye Ireland, for Development

Editors Note: *We now offer financial literacy in both Foundations Math 11 and Pre-calculus 11.

Liam Foran
Liam ForanGrad Class of 2006

The Vancouver Waldorf School provides an experiential, age-appropriate approach to education based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner that inspires students to love learning, to be creative, open-minded, and compassionate. With a curriculum that integrates all academics with the arts and social learning, Waldorf Education develops not only the left and right hemispheres of the brain but the whole human being. A child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development is considered equally, supporting a conscious unfolding of the individuality within each student. Waldorf graduates possess capacities for empathy and clear, creative and independent thinking that enables them to carry out a chosen course of action with moral courage and social responsibility.