Alum Corner with Lily Cameron

Lily Cameron attended Acadia University in Nova Scotia after graduating from VWS, later transferring to UVIC and obtaining a BA in psychology. Inspired by her love for reading and research, she started her own small business, Lily Cameron Proofreading, offering proofreading and editing services. Her Waldorf education nurtured her curiosity, reflection, and love for research, which played a significant role in her career choice. Lily encourages current graduates to seek help when needed and explore new opportunities in today’s social media-driven world. Fond memories of her time at VWS include fairs, school plays, class trips, and the vibrant, mischievous atmosphere of her class.

After graduating from VWS, I went straight to university, moving to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University in Wolfville. Acadia is filled with pageantry, tradition and has the warmest and most inclusive quality of student life. It was an incredible experience filled with pageantry, tradition, and a warm, inclusive student life reminiscent of Waldorf. Although I loved Acadia, being far from my family proved challenging, and after my first year, I transferred to UVIC, where I completed my BA in psychology in June 2018. Looking back, I sometimes regret not finishing my degree at Acadia, but the experience taught me valuable life lessons.

During my university years, I also embarked on non-academic adventures, including an unforgettable seven-day hiking journey along the Dingle Way in Ireland!

After university, I returned to North Vancouver with uncertainty about my future. Instead of pursuing a master’s degree, I decided to explore my passion for reading and research. I enrolled in an online certificate program offered by SFU. This led me to establish my own small business, Lily Cameron Creative, providing proofreading and editing services to publishers and individuals. Running my business allows me the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, which is truly exciting for me. As a solopreneur, I’ve enjoyed discovering various aspects of entrepreneurship, and I’m eager to keep growing and learning.

My advice to current graduates is to not hesitate to ask for help when needed. Remember, you are growing up in a different world than your parents experienced, and social media has changed the dynamics of networking and career exploration. Be brave and venture forth!

I have so many fond memories from my time at the VWS: Christmas Fairs, school plays, flute playing, class trips, eurythmy, and more. I feel fortunate that I attended the Waldorf School, especially the elementary school—I experienced so many magical moments! But what stands out the most is the bond I shared with my classmates. I belonged to a huge, rollicking, noisy class that pushed every boundary as we discovered the world together. We were full of mischief and energy, and curiosity. I loved growing up in that environment.

I attended Waldorf from kindergarten to high school, so it’s safe to say it had a significant effect on my life and career choice. Waldorf education fostered my innate curiosity and encouraged reflection. The Grade Twelve Project, in particular, sparked my love for research and inspired me to pursue a degree in psychology. Although challenging, the project did teach me a lot about myself.

Compiled by Ronaye Ireland for Development, March 2019

Lily Cameron
Lily CameronClass of 2013

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