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Interview with Carmencita Briel

VWS: Tell me about your work and education after graduating from the VWS. (post-secondary schooling, travel, work experience, family, etc.)

CB: I was born in South Africa and moved to Vancouver with my family when I was a teenager. After graduating from the Vancouver Waldorf School, I completed my studies in Business Marketing at Capilano University, became the mother of two beautiful daughters and began a career in the Organic Health Industry. In 2005 I travelled for a couple of years. While I was in India, I obtained certification as a Yoga Instructor, and in Thailand, I received certification as a Traditional Thai Massage and Reflexology Therapist. On return to Vancouver, I furthered my Yoga studies and became a Yoga Teacher.

I moved back to South Africa and discovered the techniques of BodyTalk, which fundamentally shifted my life in the most positive way. So profound was my personal experience that I was inspired to study this conscious-based health care system, and I am now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I believe that BodyTalk is the solution to re-establishing balance in one’s life through the connection of body and mind. As well as being a certified Body Talk Practitioner, I stock a clothing line, OSEI DURO*, in two stores in Cape Town.

In addition to being a BodyTalk Practitioner, I specialize in a technique called “Access Bars.” This is a gentle hands-on modality working on 32 points of energy running through and around your head; these points of energy store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs you have ever had about anything. This 60-minute session will bring you complete relaxation.

What kind of work/study are you involved in now?

I continually strive to create a balanced approach to lifestyle and wellness through holistic practices that empower the body, mind and soul. Certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner, I specialize in in-person sessions and long-distance sessions, enabling one to benefit from this incredible technique no matter where you are in the world!

VWS: What advice would you give to this year’s graduates?

CB: My advice is to follow your dreams and work hard to achieve all you need to create a balanced life and the finances and freedom to travel the world!

VWS: What are your fondest memories of your time at the VWS?

AT: The High School was great, and the community was very strong.

Interview date: January 2019 Ronaye Ireland, for Development

*Editor’s Note: OSEI DURO is a company that was started by VWS alumni students Maryanne Matthias and Molly Keogh. It is a fashion design company that manufactures in Ghana using women’s sewing cooperatives for its production.

Carmencita Briel
Carmencita BrielClass of 1998

The Vancouver Waldorf School provides an experiential, age-appropriate approach to education based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner that inspires students to love learning, to be creative, open-minded, and compassionate. With a curriculum that integrates all academics with the arts and social learning, Waldorf Education develops not only the left and right hemispheres of the brain but the whole human being. A child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development is considered equally, supporting a conscious unfolding of the individuality within each student. Waldorf graduates possess capacities for empathy and clear, creative and independent thinking that enables them to carry out a chosen course of action with moral courage and social responsibility.