Alum Corner with Ani Trevillion

Ani Trevillion combined education and travel in her post-graduation years. She completed a BA in English with a Minor in Psychology at UBC and an Associate’s Certificate in Technical Writing from BCIT. Now, Ani is venturing in a new direction, training to become a Registered Massage Therapist. She cherishes her time at Waldorf, which allowed her to explore various activities like theatre, music, art, and team sports while excelling academically. The fall trips instilled a deep appreciation for the outdoors and equipped her with skills for challenging hikes. Ani’s Waldorf experience has nurtured her passion for multiple subjects, inspiring her to pursue a career path that harmonizes her various interests. She advises current students to value their close-knit community at Waldorf and recognize its importance in building future connections.

Since graduating, I’ve split my time evenly between furthering my education and travelling in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. I completed a BA in English with a Minor in Psychology at UBC and went on to get an Associate’s Certificate in Technical Writing from BCIT. I am now about to take my career in a completely different direction and train to become a Registered Massage Therapist.

There is a lot I miss about Waldorf. It is one of the only times in your life that you get to try so many awesome activities all at once: theatre, music, art and team sports and all while learning the subjects needed for post-secondary school (or just life); Math, Science, English etc. I feel fortunate to have tried so many different artistic and academic mediums while in school. There are things that I excelled at that I may never have considered trying had I attended another school.

The fall trips gave me a massive appreciation of the outdoors and the skills to take on more challenging overnight hikes. This experience has helped me with a lot of the trips I have taken and given me some of my most treasured memories. I would say Waldorf made me appreciate and want to study many different subjects. Although this has made it hard to decide on just one major, this has also given me the conviction to pursue a career path with a healthy work/life balance that provides time for me to nourish all of my passions.

The advice I would offer current students would be: if you are planning to attend a post-secondary institution, the Grade Twelve Project will give you a leg up on first-year paper writing; and appreciate the small, close community you have now because you will have to hunt and work to create those in the future.

Compiled February 2019 by Ronaye Ireland, for Development

Ani Trevillion
Ani TrevillionClass of 2008

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