A Child-Centered Educational Model Where Kids Feel “Seen”

Students who stay with the same teacher (looping) see both academic improvements as well as reductions in absences and behavioural issues.

Research has shown that a child-centred educational model that emphasizes building meaningful relationships and prioritizes individualized attention can be the key to a happy, fulfilling, and successful life for students. At Vancouver Waldorf School, we recognize the importance of this approach and strive to create a nurturing environment where every child feels seen, heard, and valued.

Waldorf philosophy prioritizes the development of the whole child, which means providing opportunities for students to explore their creativity, develop social skills, and learn in a way that resonates with their learning style. We believe that by nurturing the whole child – body, mind, and spirit – we are setting our students up for success both academically and in life.

Our curriculum offers a wide range of programs that provide students with a well-rounded education. From music and art to gardening and outdoor education, we encourage our students to be curious, creative, and confident. Our teachers take the time to get to know each student individually, recognizing their unique strengths and challenges and working with them over multiple years to help them reach their full potential.

Research has shown that whether adults in a child’s life consistently show up for them is one of the best scientific predictors of how a child turns out. At Vancouver Waldorf School, we strive to be a consistent presence in our students’ lives. We take the time to greet each student individually each morning and prioritize building strong relationships based on trust and respect.

By providing a child-centred educational model that prioritizes individualized attention and recognizes each child’s unique strengths and challenges, we are preparing our students for a happy, fulfilling, and successful life. Join us on this journey of educational excellence and discover the transformative power of child-centred education.

Source: Ideas TED

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